Key Practices for the Next Era of Digital Transformation and Hybrid Working

Are we heading into a post-COVID digital transformation 2.0? The first generation of digital transformation was driven by investing in customer experiences, becoming data-driven, and migrating to cloud architectures while the organization learned agile, DevOps, and data science capabilities. Digital transformation’s next-gen will be driven by digitally-enabled products, hybrid working, proactive data governance, integrated employee experiences, and AI-inside, low-code platforms. Isaac Sacolick, author of the bestselling book “Driving Digital” and President of StarCIO, will share three key practices for the next era of digital transformation.

Presented by
Isaac Sacolick, StarCIO
From Application-Centric to Agile, Data-Driven Integration

Insurance companies like WWK Versicherungen have complex legacy application landscapes to navigate. Additional complexity comes from the growing need for information exchange with business partners. Modernization requires shifting from an application-centric to a data-centric view. In this session, you’ll learn how Boomi systems integrator partner PPI AG helped WWK create an agile data hub that provides consistent, real-time data insights and centralized processes. This new Boomi-powered infrastructure provides relevant data to all stakeholders, ensuring WWK can meet business needs today and in future.

Presented by
Gerrit Götze, PPI AG
Dr. Henri Siemens, WWK Insurance
How Deloitte Leverages Boomi iPaaS to Accelerate ERP Transformation and Consolidation Across Client Enterprises
ERP transformation and consolidation are difficult for all areas of an enterprise. Without collaborative and standardized master and transactional data, integration of ERP and other core systems is particularly challenging. An integration platform plays a crucial role. In this session, you’ll learn how Deloitte leveraged the Boomi AtomSphere Platform in an integrated, scalable system design that automated complex business processes to improve a client’s go-to-market approach, streamline reporting, and reduce manual effort. Deloitte used the Boomi platform to connect multiple systems for transaction traceability and cross selling, and establish foundational standards, common utilities, and assets to enhance reusability and improve agility. You’ll also hear how Deloitte’s wide range of tools, templates, frameworks, and accelerators enabled significant benefits.
Presented by
Vijay Mavuduru, Deloitte Consulting LLP