Get Started With Boomi in 15 Minutes

It takes time and effort to evaluate, purchase, and experience the value of a new data integration platform — but what if you could do it in 15 minutes? Now, you can. In this session, you’ll learn how to:
  • Get a Boomi account with full access to the AtomSphere platform, unlimited connections, and no expiration date
  • Quickly and easily build automated workflows that you can control and share across your business
  • Get answers to your questions and help for any challenges you face — fastplatform

Presented by
Brett Henry, Boomi
Erin Venable, Boomi
Are Your Boomi Processes Optimized?

In this session, we'll review the ways that a process can be optimized. These include attention to flow control (how to use it and how not to), limiting calls to external systems, using document caches to optimize data that will be used in multiple places, reviewing logs, and reviewing process state to see how long each component takes.

Presented by
Adam Bedenbaugh, Boomi
Control File Transfers From the Cloud

Discover how the Thru Managed File Transfer (MFT) Cloud service and Connector provides out-of-the-box file exchange for Boomi processes:
  • Features and capabilities of the Thru platform
  • How our MFT connector integrates Boomi and Thru processes
  • File transfer use cases and real-world applications
Join our session to see how Thru connects with Boomi to consolidate and automate critical file transfer processes in a simple web-based interface.

Presented by
Daniel Hurtubise, Thru
Sergey Arutiunov, Thru