Event-Driven Architecture: The Key to Real-time and Scalable Event-Driven Integrations
How do you react to changes in your business at the Speed of Now? In this session, you’ll learn how Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) patterns can provide the foundation for real-time and highly scalable integrations. Join Owen Friedrich, product manager at Boomi, and Brendan Boyd, lead platform developer at Keeco, to discover:
  • Details about event-driven architecture (EDA) patterns
  • How to “event enable” your integrations
  • How Keeco is using EDA to scale its order fulfillment process
Presented by
Owen Friedrich, Boomi
Brendan Boyd, Keeco
How to Build Next-level Visibility Into Your Integration Framework

Where’s that order? What failed? Streamlining and automating the monitoring of your integrations are key to scaling your implementation and resolving issues quickly. Join us for a conversation with one of our customers to learn how they’ve incorporated Boomi event data into their company’s standard monitoring tools for advanced reporting and notifications to provide visibility across their integrations, no matter where they run.

Presented by
Adam Arrowsmith, Boomi
Achieving Innovation at Scale With Rapid Speed to Market

The Ability to provide an integrated experience across multiple channels today is critical and key differentiator for organizations to retain and grow customers. Achieving this is incredibly hard. It involves creating a flexible and agile DNA to connect customers, partners and employees, improve efficiency, turnaround times, create seamless transition between Sales, Operations and Service functions leading to cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.
Pentair’s vision and Cognizant’s execution methodology leveraged the Boomi platform that resulted in achieving the above goals in less than a year.
You will hear from Pentair and Cognizant how Boomi platform coupled with Cognizant’s hybrid integration model and event-based architecture helped in seamless scaling of business and integration connectivity. How OmniChannel user experience on web, mobile, tablet and phone was connected to multiple ERP, CRM systems for enhanced customer experience, giving a real-time view of order and service requests at rapid speed.

Presented by
Mike Lewis, Pentair
Venugopal Taritla, Cognizant