Build Relationships and Generate New Leads
Customer Engagement & Demand Generation
Select a Smart Template
One Click-to-Clone
Edit and Launch!
Branding Integrity
Create a holistic look and feel experience that best reflects your corporate brand.  Every aspect reflects your brand identify from invitations to webpages, emails, and more.
Smart Templates
Select from editable, beautifully designed templates or design from a blank canvas to create totally unique layouts and design to best reflect your brand. Easy drag and drop design requires no coding skills.
Includes: Invitation Email, Landing Page & Registration, Confirmations both Webpage and Email, Reminder Email, with hotlink into web-conference.
Audience Engagement
Smart Templates hot link directly into your Zoom live program!
Consolidate Reports & Analytics
Your Virtual Meeting data and Live Event data are available in your Lenos Report Portal and Dashboard for a single view of all client engagement.
Create flawless invitations and follow up emails to promote your virtual meeting or event
  • Easy drag & drop designer
  • Personalization
  • Branding and white labelled - from your email address to complete design
  • Reports & Analytics
Complete control over layouts, colors, fonts, and more with easy drag and drop controls. Create a simple form, segmentation, pre-populate invitee data with a login gateway for a private meeting and much more.  
Select from best-practice templates, edit and launch in minutes. You’ll find even Lenos templates are completely editable.  Or simply design with easy, intuitive controls.
Audience Engagement
Interact with your attendee via polls, breakout rooms, group chat and more.
Omni Channel Engagement
Lenos Virtual Meetings works seamlessly with your in-person events for a consistent branded enterprise experience.
Real-time integrations with Salesforce Marketing and Sales Clouds. Easily schedule and sync with your calendar system.   
A seamless, one solution delivers email invitations, registration, attendance and more in a single view for deeper, actionable insight.
  • Self Configurable Standard Reports
  • Ad Hoc Report Designer
  • Polls and Surveys
  • Geographic Heatmap
  • Automated Graphs/Charts
  • MA Integrations
  • Salesforce Integration

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Customer-First Focus
For over two decades, Lenos Software has powered millions of meetings, events and conferences.
Privacy by Design
Founded on Privacy by Design/Default principles, Lenos Consent Manager offers robust data governance.
One Solution
Perfectionists who develop solutions to work seamlessly for enhanced ease of use, flexibility, and speed.
Connected to all your live program data and other enterprise solutions - Marketing, Sales, HR, Travel, and more.
Everything You Need to Create Your Web Registration, Mobile App and Virtual Meetings.
For beginners: editable templates and no coding required.  
For Pros: unleash your imagination.
A Disciplined Approach to Managing Enterprise-Wide Meetings, Events, and Conferences.
When You Are Too Busy to Do It Yourself, Contact Us.