Hope @ Home
Homebound Mission 2019
July 9-11, 2019  

Welcome to Hope @ Home 2019.
When God calls us to serve, typically we can come up with a thousand reasons to hesitate.  When God calls us to serve we often do a quick survey of our personal skills, and decide the call may not match our gifts. When God calls us to serve, we often times miss the opportunity to be His hands and feet.  God has called you and you've said "YES"!  
Hope @ Home will give us the opportunity to make a difference in our own backyard.  We are called to help the homeless, feed the hungry, share fellowship and conversation with the elderly, provide help to those with physical challenges, and so much more.
God didn't hesitate to call us for he knows our gifts.  Our human world can be full of chaos and stress, and in the midst of all we try to accomplish, we tend to forget we do nothing alone.  When we slow down and notice the power of God, we can be overwhelmed by His grace and mercy.  Serving God and His kingdom is a blessing. During Hope @ Home we will partner with God and overwhelm our neighbors with our generosity, compassion, loyalty, and love. The kingdom is vast, but together, with God's help, we can make a difference one small area at a time.  
Thank you for saying "yes" to serving together and bringing hope to our neighbors so very close to home.