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Is Your Registration Software Provider Trustworthy?
It is one thing for our clients to use remarketing techniques on their meeting, event and conference registrations sites. This is between Clients (the software licensees) and their clients, prospects, partners and employees. Remarketing with advertising as registrants surf the web after registering can be a very effective method to growing awareness, advocacy and revenue. It is another matter altogether when your registration software provider is tracking and remarketing with advertising to your registrants to benefit themselves at your expense.
Lenos is a white-labelled solution provider, developed based on Privacy by Design principles and is GDPR compliant. Customer trust is a treasured asset and we never abuse our client’s trust.
One of our favorite browser add-ons is Disconnect, a powerful browser extension to help protect your personally identifiable information by blocking web trackers. Disconnect's mission is to make the Internet better by giving people greater transparency and control over the personal information they share online, and is trusted by tens of millions of people.
Below you will find instructions on how to install for either Chrome or Firefox.
We hope you find this add-on as helpful as we here at Lenos do!
Disconnect for Chrome (click or tap to show)

Disconnect for Firefox (click or tap to show)
To learn more about Disconnect, visit their website at www.disconnect.me.
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Conferences and events often fly under the radar of the C-Suite, Privacy and Security Officers, and Procurement Officers alike. There is a danger in this gap.