Do you want to learn more about or need extra support for certain topics? These Expert Sessions can help you gain knowledge and tools for your business, Sessions are online, by phone, or Zoom.
Expert Consultations
A 20-minute consultation with a featured expert to get personalized recommendations, training, and advice to be scheduled at a mutally agreeable time. Must provide a completed questionnaire prior to the consultation.
Dr Jamie McManus
Chairman, Medical Affairs, Health Sciences and Education
Dr. Jamie McManus has led Shaklee's clinical research and distributor education efforts since 2005. She led the development and launch of the Shaklee 180 program and has 30+ years of experience helping people build better health through nutrition and lifestyle. She received her M.D. with honors and completed her Residency from the University of California, Davis, and was a practicing Board Certified Family Physician for 15 years.
During your 30-minute session with Dr. McManus she will utilize your previously submitted questionnaire to build a health program for you that will include dietary recommendations, lifestyle advice, and supplementation suggestions.
Points: 500
Sarah Scherer-Oursland
Shaklee Pure Performance Team Dietitian/Nutritionist
Sarah is a two-time Olympian with a passion for motivating and inspiring people to become the best version of themselves. In addition to her athletic career, her credentials as a Registered Dietitian, Licensed Nutritionist, and an MBA specializing in Healthcare Management enable her to help others achieve their goals. She has coached over one thousand individuals, focusing on weight loss, improved sports performance, diabetes prevention, heart health, healthy aging, smoking cessation, and additional healthy lifestyle and performance goals.
Points: 500
Social Media
Shaklee has a stellar social media team with years of experience and a wide range of talents,  so whether you're a beginner or more advanced, level up your skills and invest in your online presence.
Topics include, but are not limited to, how to increase engagement, best practices, tips for better photos, and more.
Points: 500
Expert Services
Access Shaklee expertise for help with design, PWS, and Prove It Challenge.
Shaklee Personal Web Site
Need help setting up or customizing your PWS?
Points: 500
Custom Business Card Design
Do you want a unique, eye-catching custom business card? Work with the Creative Team at Shaklee to design a card that represents you!
Points: 500
Prove It Challenge Partner
Looking to kickoff your next Prove It Challenge? Have a Shaklee Home Office expert join your Facebook group to help support your community for 10 days.
Points: 300