Welcome to the Shaklee Loyalty Points Redemption Center. This site provides access to Shaklee merchandise and special, exclusive opportunities. Should you wish to redeem your loyalty points for Shaklee products, please do so by visiting Shaklee.com.
Redeem points to pay your Shaklee Virtual Conference registration fee - NO LONGER AVAILABLE - don't miss the new product launches, business tools, and 65th anniversary celebration during Virtual Conference on September 24-25, 2021. And you can use your loyalty points to cover the registration!
Please be sure to confirm you have the necessary 150 points in your Loyalty point account for a conference registration prior to submitting your request.
Or redeem points for limited-edition Shaklee merchandise - great as gifts or prizes for your teams. (S&H charges will apply).
Scroll down to learn more about the various opportunities, along with links to more information.
PLEASE NOTE: You will be placing an order for these special items on this site. Once you have completed and submitted your order, you should receive an automatic acknowledgement that Shaklee has received your order. Shaklee will then confirm point availability in your account and ship you any merchandise ordered or email you with more information on the event you requested. It may take up to 5 business days for you to receive the final confirmation your order has been processed.
To check your current point balance, please go to your back office and login with your Shaklee ID and password to view your rewards balance. To redeem points, you must have the full amount of points needed for an item. For other questions regarding the the Loyalty Program, please go to the Loyalty Points Program details.
Use loyalty points to register for the Shaklee 2021 Conference, to be held virtually September 24-25, 2021.
A curated collection of business tools and limited-edition Shaklee-branded items.
For questions related to these experiences please email ale@shaklee.com. To check your point balance go to the Shaklee Loyalty Points site.