FEBRUARY 1 - 28, 2023
TEAM UP registration is now closed. Good luck to all the participating teams!
Shaklee's time to TEAM UP!
Join forces with your fellow Ambassadors for this limited time competition/challenge that rewards you with special prizes - weekend retreat to Sundance, anyone! - when you share Shaklee and help others improve their wellness and wealth!
Use Team Up to support new Ambasadors who have joined your team or partner with Shaklee friends from other organizations to create mutual accountability and encouragement as you pursue your goals.
Take a moment to review the team-building rules below, and then create your team! Once you have a team, and selected the team captain, the team captain will register the entire team. Be sure to have each team member's Shaklee ID, name and shirt size handy to complete the registration form.
  • Teams must consist of three Shaklee Ambassadors or higher rank. Each team member must have their own Shaklee ID.
  • No more than TWO team members may be Business Leaders (Paid As Director rank or higher as of the December, 2022 PV month). Any other team members must be Ambassadors or Associates who were not a Director or higher as of the December, 2022 PV month.
  • You may only be on one Team Up team during the qualification period. Each Shaklee ID may only be used once (i.e. husband and wife team cannot count as two seperate team members).
  • Registration is FREE, but you MUST be registered as part of a team to be eligible for any prizes. Registration should be done by the Team Captain.
  • We encourage each team to select a unique team name so as to avoid duplicate team names.
  • Team registration will be open until Friday, February 3, 2023 (8 pm PT). During that time, additions and changes may be made to a team by the team captain updating their registration. Registration will close as of February 3, 2023 (8 pm PT), and teams will be locked in. After that date, no team members may be added or deleted.
GRAND PRIZE -  Sundance Weekend Retreat
In addition to social media training and an iPad, the Top Team Up team will earn a weekend retreat at the Sundance Mountain Resort in March 2023.
Nestled beneath majestic Mount Timpanogos in Utah, Sundance is a world-class destination resort that offers breathtaking views and clean air. The intimate surroundings, understated elegance, and relaxed atmosphere create the perfect mountain escape.  
The weekend retreat includes:
  • Round trip coach airfare for one (1) from their home airport
  • Ground transportation from Salt Lake City airport to Sundance
  • Three days and two nights of luxurious accommodations
  • And a special dinner at the award-winning Sundance Tree Room.  

TOP 6 TEAMS -  64GB iPad®
In addition to an exclusive social media training session, each member of our top 6 teams will receive a 64GB iPad® engraved with the Shaklee logo.
TEAM UP QUALIFIER -  Exclusive Social Media Training
As a team, sponsor at least 3 new Members or Ambassadors in February to qualify for an exclusive social media training session with a digital content creation expert.