TEAM UP registration is now closed. Good luck to all of our teams!
FEBRUARY 18 - MARCH 31, 2020
A New Year - A New You! Every year around New Year's Day, millions of people set new goals and recommit to making positive changes in their health, their wealth and their lives. The Team Up incentive promotion, designed to ignite your business in 2020 through Sponsoring, Loyalty and Rank Development activities, gives you the opportunity to take advantage of this time of renewal and re-committment within your customers and your prospects, and to earn fabulous prizes for helping others with their own transformaiton!.
Once you have reviewed the Team Up incentive rules below, click on the Register button above to enter your team name and team member information. Be sure to have Shaklee ID's available for each team member.
  • Teams must consist of a minimum of two Shaklee Distributors or above, and may have a maximum of five. We encourage you to build teams of 5 to maximize your opportunity to achieve the team prizes.
  • No more than TWO team members may be business leaders (Paid As Director rank or higher as of the January, 2020 PV month). Any other team members must be Distributors or Associates who were not a Director or higher as of the January, 2020 PV month.
  • You may only be on one Team Up team during the qualification period.
  • Registration is free, but you MUST be registered as part of a team to be eligible for any prizes.
  • Team registration will be open between February 3 and February 15, 2020. During that time, additions and changes may be made to a team by the team captain updating their registration. Registration will close as of February 15 (8pm, PST), and teams will be locked in. After that date, no team members may be added or deleted.
  • Team members may earn points by completing any of the following activities:
Personally Sponsor New Preferred Member or Distributor with the Prove It Challenge
Personally Sponsor New Preferred Member or Distributor with a $150 or more order
For every $75 Prove It Challenge Bonus earned during the qualification period
Team member upgrades to Director or advances in rank during the qualification period
For every 5 distributors the team sponsors on a $150 or more order
  • Team Up points for each team member will be added together to determine the total Team Up Team points.
  • Any Business Leader on a team may contribute a maximum of 100 points to a team.
  • For any team to be eligible to earn a particular Team Up prize, EVERY member of the team must achieve the minimum point total noted in the chart below, and the team total must also hit the minimum total required for that prize tier.
    • 15 Incentive Trip points will be awarded to ALL team members when each team member earns a minimum of 5 points AND the team earns a minimum of 75 points.
    • In addition, all teams that are awarded trip points also have the opportunity to earn other prizes based on their total team points earned, as follows:
    # OF PRIZES**
    1st Place
    Special, Exclusive "Speakeasy" Event at Global Conference in Orlando
    Shaklee Branded Luggage, Wireless Headset and Speaker
    Top 10 Teams
    2nd Place
    Shaklee Branded Luggage, Wireless Headset and Speaker
    Next 20 Teams
    3rd Place
    Shaklee Branded Wireless Headset + Speaker
    Next 50 Teams
    4th Place
    Shaklee Branded Wireless Speaker
    Next 75 Teams
    * Shaklee reserves the right to substitute prizes of equal or greater value.
    ** 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place prizes will be awarded only to team members that contributed a minimum of 5 points to the team total.